How to care tulsi plant at home in hindi

How to care tulsi plant at home in hindi

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How to care tulsi plant at home in hindi, How to Grow tulsi Plant At Home

Ways to Grow tulsi,The plants, How to Grow tulsi, Woottulips, Jatamansi etc.

The Indian cress is a well-known, fast growing and

pretty herb that has been cultivated for thousands of years and is known as “Somra” in Sanskrit and “Tulsi” in Hindi.

This fragrant herb has been worshipped for generations as a holy

plant, and is also a safe and effective home remedy for numerous health conditions.

How to Grow tulsi plant at home with DIY methods

Let us learn about different parts of tulsi plant and its essential

ingredients, the various ways to grow tulsi plant.

Health Benefits of tulsi

Today I am going to share with you the various properties of the tulsi

plant with you in short. These include medicinal properties, common uses in

cooking, benefits for skin, benefits for the hair and benefits for the digestive system.

Tulsi has

shown powerful benefits for treating respiratory tract infections, including

coughs and bronchitis. It has also been effective in treating gastrointestinal disorders and

blood sugar imbalance. It has been used to relieve pain and stiffness in the

muscles and joints of the back.

Tulsi has been shown to

contain more than 60 volatile oil components which act as highly effective

lijekovi. So let's start with its medicinal properties:

Tulsi Oil Uses for Lubrication: You will definitely find

out tulsi oil being used to maintain proper lubrication in the parts of the body that require lubrication. But it is one of the best known oils for its emollient, antiseptic, and demulcent properties.

Tulsi Oil as a Cleanser: You will find tulsi oil being

used in many ayurvedic and traditional medicine systems to remove impurities

from your system. Use it in cooking to maintain healthy digestion.

Tulsi Oil is used for treating intestinal conditions such as diarrhea, colitis,

and bowel cramps. It is also used for regulating the movement of toxins

through the body.

Tulsi Oil for Infection: It has been shown to have antiviral properties

against the HIV virus. It has also shown strong antibacterial properties

and was found to be effective in treating arthritis. It has also been shown

to reduce the incidence of UTIs.

Tulsi Oil for Controlling Diabetes: Tulsi oil has shown

significantly potent results in controlling blood sugar levels in people with

dijabetes. It has been recommended to reduce sugar levels in people who do not

have diabetes or to even maintain blood sugar levels in those who have been

diagnosed with diabetes.

Tulsi Oil for Insomnia: Tulsi is an herb that has been found

to soothe an overactive nervous system and reduce stress. It can reduce

anxiety, depression, and a feeling of not being at peace with oneself. To

can also help reduce insomnia.

How to Grow tulsi plant at home with DIY methods

How to Grow tulsi plant with DIY methods, using green houses, garden beds, balcony, terrace etc.

Tulsi can be grown in a house, a balcony or even in the

backyard. You don't need much space to grow it. It needs at least 2.5 to 4 inches of

soil to grow and thrive. It's a simple crop that can be cultivated in one of the

most basic garden beds in the back of the house.

However, if you want to grow a

more bushy tulsi plant then it is better to plant it on a pot or on a terrace.

With such easy methods of growing the tulsi plant you can

grow tulsi in any size backyard.

Health Benefits of tulsi powder

Apart from the various medicinal properties that

it has, tulsi powder can be used to make herbal remedies that can be used

for hair care and can also be used in the kitchen as a spice.

Tulsi Powder for Hair:

Tulsi powder can be used to clean your hair and scalp, as well as

maintain healthy hair.

Tulsi Powder in Hair Care: One of the best ways to

make your hair shiny and frizzy free is to use tulsi powder.

You can add this powder to the regular wash

of your hair to make it extra healthy.

You can also use this powder on your scalp to

bring a new shine and frizz free scalp.

Tulsi Powder to Get Rid of Dandruff:

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