How to get a fruit bearing avocado tree

How to get a fruit bearing avocado tree

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How to get a fruit bearing avocado tree in Mexico

For the true avocado lovers in us, we have written the post How to get a fruit bearing avocado tree in Mexico which will also describe the different types of avocado trees and its varieties in Mexico.

Did you know that most people buy avocados from the supermarket even if they grow them at home? The chances of getting a good quality avocado from the supermarket are limited. On the other hand, avocados from the greenhouse are quite costly. But growing avocado tree in the greenhouse is a difficult process for beginners. Besides, you need to know that avocados are not easy to grow in the greenhouse.

If you’re an avid avocado lover like us, then we have something special for you today. How to get a fruit bearing avocado tree in Mexico is a post that will give you the needed details about avocados and its production.

Avocados are a kind of fruit, belonging to the Mesoamerican culinary, called avocado. Their color, texture, and flavor are so different that they are among the top four commonly used ingredients in dishes. Avocados are consumed for their creamy flesh, smooth texture and refreshing flavor. It is also known for being able to lighten the skin of people with dark complexions.

There are many different varieties of avocado tree species. Among them, two are most well-known for their high-quality fruits. These two avocado tree species are:

1. Haas Avocado

2. Upland Avocado

Let’s talk about both of these two avocado tree species in detail.

2.1. The Haas Avocado

Haas avocado tree is widely used in California, Australia, and many other countries. Haas avocado tree variety is similar to the white-fleshed tree, called Hass avocado tree.

2.1.1. Stablo

This avocado tree variety is a native of the Mexico’s country Yucatán Peninsula. And it is also native to many other countries including Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras. And there are also some reports about the Haas avocado tree found in southern Florida, United States.

2.1.2. The variety

The main type of this avocado tree is Hass avocado tree. It is a white-fleshed avocado tree. So the fruits are white-colored when ripe. They grow slowly and does not produce in such large numbers. Also, Haas avocado trees are the most sensitive to frost.

2.1.3. The harvesting time

Since the fruits are very easy to bruise, they must be harvested after ripening. The best harvesting time is from October to March.

2.1.4. The harvester

You can harvest Haas avocados from both the male and female trees. It is important to know that, due to the size of fruits, it is difficult to select the best fruits by hand. Besides, you should try and cut the fruits into halves while they are still soft. After this, you can just gently peel the skin using the back of a knife. But to be careful, you should cut the fruits while it is still soft. This way you will avoid losing some of the seeds. And it is also suggested to leave the flesh intact. But when it is very ripe, you should cut the flesh away from the seed.

2.2. The Upland Avocado

The Upland avocado tree is more popular than the Haas avocado tree. This is due to the fact that the Upland avocado tree is faster-growing and produces fruits in huge quantities. It is also easier to grow than the Hass avocado tree. The Upland avocado tree varieties are mainly found in Mexico.

2.2.1. Stablo

This avocado tree is taller and has larger leaves than the Hass avocado tree. And it is also bigger in size than the tree variety from Yucatán.

2.2.2. The harvesting time

The best harvesting time is from February to June.

2.2.3. The harvester

You can harvest Upland avocado fruits by hand. This is the best way to check for ripeness and select the best fruits.

2.2.4. The qualities of Upland avocados

Upland avocados are mostly softer than the Haas avocado tree varieties. And the flesh is also white-colored. However, their seeds are black.

2.3. How to get a fruit bearing avocado tree in Mexico? The way to get a fruit bearing avocado tree in Mexico

There are many ways to get a fruit bearing avocado tree. But there is not any manual for that. You can buy a fruit bearing avocado tree from the avocado tree suppliers, directly from the sellers or the farmers. However, there are some disadvantages. The most important problem is that avocado tree trees are so sensitive that some plants that are not resistant to the cold are still at risk to freeze. The preferred avocado tree varieties

Možete birati između dvije različite sorte stabla avokada: stablo avokada Hass i stablo avokada Upland. Ali također možete birati između različitih vrsta stabala avokada iz različitih zemalja. Oni su:

1. Meksiko stabla avokada.

2. Čile stabla avokada.

3. Kostarika stabla avokada.

4. Kanada stabla avokada.

5. Kalifornijska stabla avokada.

A neke vrste stabala avokada iz Sjedinjenih Država također su najpoznatije:

1. Stabla avokada na Floridi.

2. Aljaska stabla avokada.

3. Američka stabla avokada.

Da biste od farmera dobili stablo avokada s plodovima, morate znati da su najpoželjnija stabla avokada u Meksiku i susjednim zemljama:

1. Meksiko stabla avokada.

2. Meksička stabla avokada Hass.

3. Meksička gorska stabla avokada.

4. Meksički Alamo avokado